Thursday, July 9

6 Amazing Guide When Buying Toys For Kids With Special Needs

Are you shopping for a toy for a kid with special needs? Where do you get started? Would loud noise-making play thing will delight children without driving you nuts? When buying a toy for a child with special needs, you need to consider a lot of things. Here’s a guide to buying toys for differently-abled kids.

  1. Consider sensory processing problems.

A lot of kids with special needs have different textures, noises or other items they cannot tolerate due to sensory processing issues. The first thing you would want to do is ask their parent or guardian some of the following questions. Visit for fun toys for your kids.

Play is the absence of stress.

Do your kids dislike certain textures such as things that are hard, soft and tight fitting? Are they afraid of loud noises? This may rule out toys with obnoxious movements or sounds? Do fast spinning movements bother them?

  1. Know what they enjoy.

Some children may enjoy toys with a lot of movement, flashy, or loud noises. They may enjoy things that spin, flip, or items they can jump on. They might like tighter fitted clothing or softer textures. Be sure to ask what types of things they DO enjoy.

  1. Choose adjustable toys.

Does the toy have adjustable height, sound volume, speed and level of difficulty? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Fisher-Price Grow Basketball Set. This basketball goal grows with your child. It has a large basket, which makes it easy for them to score a goal and then you can eventually adjust the height and rim to be smaller to provide additional challenges as they grow.

  1. Consider your kid’s size and strength.

Does the toy fit with your kid’s ability and size? Does it have moisture resistance? Can it be washed and cleaned?  Is the toy sized appropriately for your little one? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Oball, a 4 inch bendable ball. This ball has a smooth design with large finger holes that make it easy and safe to catch.

  1. Know that every child is different.

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.

Not one size fits all. Special need is a very broad category.  A lot of it — like any selection — would depend on the child’s needs. Younger children tend to need toys that are sensory in nature. But keep in mind that some children require items that help them hone their social or motor skills. Look for toys that are fun, but that highlight the child’s unique strengths and will help develop abilities.

  1. Shop Online

It’s often hard to look for a store that sells sensory toys geared toward children with special needs, so do your search online. You can find a lot of online toy stores but keep in mind that not all of these toy shops are ideal for you. Beware of scams.

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