Five Ways to Extend the Life of your Dishwasher

Women are creative in many ways especially in how they manage their kitchen and take care of their appliances. They always look for alternatives to make their kitchen work a little easier. They have taken advantage of kitchen technology such as dishwashers, mixers, juicers, toasters and many more. The functionality of these appliances reduces the workload of women’s shoulders. For instance, dish cleaning can be a hard task without a dishwasher for a woman who has many things to attend to. But just like other household appliances, dishwashers must be maintained to serve you for the longest time possible. Here are some tips to consider:

 Ensure there is Good Water Supply

Hard water or water that has high mineral content is not ideal. You don’t want hard water in your water supply so do something to convert it into soft water before the water reaches the plumbing lines. Ignoring this issue can result in your dishwasher experiencing some problems after only a few years of using it. With hard water in your supply, your dishwater will find it difficult to clean the dishes properly.

Ensure the Dishes Don’t Have Food Bits when You Load them in the Washer

This tip is especially applicable if your menu involves some oily and greasy substances. This reduces the stress you cause the dishwasher’s cleaning unit. Also, prolonged stress can lead to wear and tear of the unit. Scraping the remaining food bits off plates and utensils is an effective way to prolong the life of your appliance.

Be Careful when Setting the Water Temperature

It is important to ensure that the water temperature is set appropriately as overheating the water increases the possibility of heated water not getting flushed thoroughly on your dishes. Ideally, the temperature of the water must be set at 120 degrees to 125 degrees. Ensure you set the temperature right so you can enjoy your dishwasher for the longest time possible.

Avoid Loading Too Much

Overcrowding the dishwasher can result in improperly cleaned dishes. Plus, this puts more stress on the machines’ working unit. Consider adding the dishes two times into the machine for better cleaning rather than overcrowding.

Clean the Dishwasher after Use

Ensuring the dishwasher is cleaned properly prevents offending smells caused by exterior areas such as the edges of the door. Spills and food debris can build up in the edges. Wipe the spot with a damp cloth and cleaner as well as the doors and buttons.

Over time, your dishwasher will give up and require a replacement. Whether you are getting your first dishwasher or your second, has lots of options for you.