Fundamental concepts about the BHO extraction kit

BHO stands for butane hash oil. BHO extraction refers to the process where elements like butane and propane (sometimes) are eliminated from cannabis plants, using butane as the solvent. BHO is an essential oil extracted from these cannabis plants. When this process is done using the right BHO extraction kit, it is the easiest, most cost-effective and safest way of cannabis extraction. The process is simple and it doesn’t cause any problem to the environment. It is also authorised to be 100% safe for users. Let now look at the process of extracting this essential oil.

What are the basic essentials that need to be present in the extraction kit?

The right quality of butane

We are going to use butane as the solvent in this extraction process. Needless to say, it is the first element that we have to look for when buying a extraction kit. Butane should be bought only from recommended names. Low-quality butane can adulterate the entire extraction process. You can test the quality of this by doing a simple experiment at home. Apply some butane on a mirror and check after 10 minutes. Is there any trace or residue of the butane still seen on the mirror? If yes, it is adulterated and shouldn’t be used for extraction.

Silicone Mats

If you want your BHO extractor to work properly, you should ensure that you use the right quality of silicone mats for this process. Never use the ones with plasticisers in it, as they can make the resultant oil look like rubber. Choose mats that are big and durable enough to be inserted into a purging chamber, if you want best results.

Dish for extraction

Where do you collect the essential oil that has been extracted? You need a dish that is made out of glass for the same. Never use metal dishes or any other materials, because the natural characteristics of those metals can adulterate the quality of the final essential oil that has been extracted.

Benefits of BHO extraction

When you do a closed-loop BHO extraction process, it improves the final quality of the essential oil and it is much safer for the environment as well. If you want all the tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinoid elements to be converted into butane effectively, you need to carry out the extraction process in properly controlled temperature settings. This is possible in a closed-loop system. People who want their final strains to be highly effective, loaded with nutrients and the essence of the cannabis plants with an exotic flavour and aroma, would opt for the closed-loop BHO extraction process. Since this process ensures that none of the butane is emitted into the air during the extraction process, it helps to improve the quality of the final strains that are being extracted from the plants. These strains that follow a rigorous extraction process are more potent and provide more recreational and medicinal value to users because they are rich in trichomes that are loaded with resins. Every particle of these strains is loaded with the essence of the cannabis plants, to give you the much-needed results.