How to stay fashionable with denim wear.

Denim never goes out of style! One of the most casual and comfortable pieces of clothing, denim can be carried off in style by women of any age group. Rugged, torn, washed out and dark; denims are available in various styles and colours are just the right pick for a number of occasions and don’t require much thought as far as styling them is concerned. 2017 is the year that has gotten the designers to experiment a lot more with the various denim styles.

Here are some of the latest style trends when it comes to looking your best with some funky denim wear:

  • The Ripped Denims: While the elders may frown upon you, the youngsters vouch by the ripped jeans trend. The ruggedness adds to the style quotient and is very casual and fun to carry off especially when you are just planning to hang out with some friends. From dark to light hues, the ripped jeans are available in various shades and can be paired with a simple tee to walk out with style and confidence.

  • Denim Joggers: For the trend-setters out there, who value comfort over style, the denim joggers are a perfect blend of both. Fits perfectly taking the regular shape of your body, these denim joggers can be worn even by those who don’t prefer the tight jeans Most of these denim joggers are tight at the ankles giving the right shape to your legs. The elastic band at the waist makes it comfortable for those who do not like to button up their jeans tight.
  • Denim Shirt Dresses: Denim shirt dresses are the latest trend in vogue that fits every form of dressing whether it is casual wear or a party wear. Denim shirt dresses are very easy to carry off and can be paired with minimal jewellery and smart accessories like a stole or a belt for that stylish appeal. Available in various cuts and patterns, the denim shirts are a must have for the denim loving girls. Teamed with high heels, wedges or the sneakers to create a look of your own. These shirt dresses are trending in the fashion world, and you too can buy denim dresses online in India on various websites.
  • White Denims: If you were to look at the international spring styles for the year 2017, then one of the catchiest trends are the crisp white denim trends which is teamed with monochromatic tops to create an interesting look. Clutches, funky accessories and lady like elements adds on a feminine touch to these denims.
  • Wide hems jeans: While the straight fit and the slim jeans have been in vogue forever, the year 2017 is for the wider hems, breezier cuts and cropped flares. Available in various colours including dark blues and blacks these wide hem jeans look best on tall and slender girls or should be paired with high heels. Crop tops and long shrugs look best with these jeans and are certainly a trend worth trying.
  • Accessorize: Jeans with prints, glitter work and funky designs looks chic and fun and can be easily carried off for a regular day or even a party. From army prints to cute and fun elements, designers are going all out to try variations in designs which could add up to the fun quotient of the denim wear for 2017.