Friday, July 10

Quick Suggestions and Tips on Selecting Dog Harnesses

Controlling your canine on walks is important. Dogs often act weirdly outdoors. Your pooch might run after other pets, squirrels and can even chase vehicles for no apparent reason. In an emergency, you might end up pulling the collar too hard, which can cause an injury in the neck, or else, the pet might exert more pressure that can lead to unexpected accidents. To avoid such situations, a harness is your best bet.

The basics

A dog harness fastens around the back and neck, and therefore, the walker has more control over the canine’s movement. You will find all sorts of designs and styles in the market, but before anything else, start by measuring your pooch. Every dog, regardless of age and breed, needs a harness. Puppies are usually more inquisitive on walks and can go out of control, and if you pull too tight, it might choke the animal. Older dogs on the other hand are more prone to neck and mobility disorders. You don’t want to put any extra pressure on their neck. As for large dogs, these have huge force, and unless you are in control of the canine, you can end up in messy situations.

What to buy?

As mentioned, there are all sorts of harnesses in the market, depending on what you are looking for. The common one is a standard harness, which works as intended and can be made of different materials. For most dogs, standard harnesses are more than enough. However, if you have an unruly pet that refuses to listen and tends to run instead of walking, you will need a no pull dog harness. Such harness will fasten in case of a pull, and you will be in complete control of the situation.

Where to buy?

Before you buy a harness, always check online to find reviews. There are websites that review different products based on popularity, and you can find a lot of relevant details. You can find the pros and cons and why one harness might be useful for certain breeds or sizes. For buying, always check on leading online sites, where you can find major discounts on dog harnesses and other products. It is advisable to choose something that will last for at least two to three years. Also, the material is important because you don’t want the pet to have skin issues.

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