Smart Tips to Shop for a Self-Storage Unit

If you live in a jam-packed house with too many things, it is time to reduce your load. Instead of selling your hard-earned stuff in a yard sale, you can choose to rent a self-storage unit. Storage facilities offer units, or containers, to customers and businesses for a nominal monthly charge. These services are quite handy and flexible, and you can rely on them for keeping all kinds of things, right from basic valuables to cars, furniture and expensive products. Here are the things you need to check before finding a service.

  1. Location

If you want easy access to your belongings, it is best to choose a storage unit that’s close to your current location. This will just reduce the overall cost of transportation. Many known services have multiple locations throughout in different cities, and you can pick one that matches your requirements.

  1. Clean premises

It is advisable to take a tour of shortlisted self storage facilities. Firstly, you will know about the available unit sizes, which will help in making a choice, and secondly, you will have a firsthand experience of the overall premises. Make sure that the facility is well-maintained and cleaned. Also, talk to the manager directly to know about their pest and mold control measures.

  1. Security

Each storage facility should have its own alarm, so that any possible trespassing and theft is detected on time. Also, the overall security measures of the facility must be checked. Make sure that the company has video surveillance and enough manpower to keep safety concerns at bay.

  1. Insurance

Despite the best efforts from a storage service, there is always a chance of theft and damage to goods. Instead of worrying about the possible eventualities, it is wise to get insurance for your unit. Check with the concerned service to know your options.

  1. Customer support

A storage service must offer adequate support for customers. Check their business hours to know the possible timings for accessing your unit. The concerned company must have a legitimate office and should be available on phone and email for required queries.

Of course, pricing is one of the biggest points of choosing cheap storage units, but do not fall for lucrative ads, unless you have checked the factors mentioned above. Compare services based on what they offer, instead of checking for the lowest quote. Also, make sure that the service contract is transparent and devoid of unwanted hidden charges.