Styling and Shopping For Skull Jewelry – Your Quick Guide!

Bikers and motorcyclists have an amazing sense of style. Their taste and preferences in style, fashion and clothing extends beyond the regular boardroom meetings and formal looks. If you are fond of the bohemian styles, it is likely that you have spotted those skull rings and skull jewelry on online and offline stores. Skull remains one of the strongest symbols since ancient times and it found relevance in most of the important cultures of the world. In this post, we will try to understand the significance of skull for the modern biker world along with a few tips for buying the right things.

Knowing the background

Thousands of years back, ancient Egyptian people used the skull as a common symbol to represent the cycle of life. It was a big indication of the inevitable death, and yet, there was a sense of strength and power in it. In fact, it was used in many practices in Asian countries and is one of the many elements of mystery in the mystic world. In some of the ancient tribes, bigger skulls represented position and power in the society. Apart from being a simple symbol, it also adorned walls in many important spaces, often showing the incredible cycle of life and death.

In the modern context

Skulls in modern world stand for many things. If you see skull with crossbones, it probably stands for danger and poison. It also shows off power, which is why many bikers choose to wear bracelets and rings with that motif. If a skull comes with wings, it is more like a symbol of freedom. It shows that an individual is free from the physical body and moving towards spiritual being. Skulls with butterfly wings are also pretty common and stand for transformation, while with a snake around, it may mean immortality. Also, skull stands for the human world. It may come with a bow on the top, which may denote feminine power.

Tips on styling skull jewelry

If you are looking for skull jewelry online, start by understanding your personal style. For those who are new to the idea, they shouldn’t look for anything beyond rings and bracelets, which are rather easy to use. Secondly, don’t miss on trying new ideas. There is no end to the styles and designs you can have, and you have to make sure that the ideas work together. For example, if you are wearing a skull ring with crossbones on one finger, you can wear another with wings, so that it represents transformation and change. The idea is to play with new styles and designs, and you will find unique fashion trends in no time.

Also, the best place to buy is online. There are many online stores, where you can good discounts and offers on skull jewelry in general, and if you are new to the concept, you can start with simple pieces. For rings, look for designs that are not too jumbo initially. As you start enjoying the concept, there will be no end to the personal trends you can create!

Author Bio – Tepparit is a known fashion expert and a writer on men’s style and glamour. Apart from writing for leading blogs, he is also a part time stylist!