Tactics And Tips For Negotiating The Price Of A Used Car

While buying a used car, you need to research out a lot and narrow down your options accordingly. You must have your upper hand in negotiating with your dealer. It is necessary that you have a thorough knowledge of the car, the mileage it offers and all other options.

Here are certain tips by which you can negotiate the price of the used Mercedes-Benz you are going to buy.

Go for test drive

Don’t hesitate in asking questions to the dealer about the unusual noises which may pop up or the grinding and the rattling sounds. Test the gears of the car and that the gears shift smoothly. Make sure the seatbelts work and the brakes are in good condition. Take a note of any burned out or missing bulb. Never hesitate in asking the dealer about any query about the car you doubt.

Tips for negotiating

Don’t consider the price at which the car is being offered to you. Instead, check all the aspects of the car and offer what the car deserves. Subtract the price if the mileage is high. You can even take help of sites online and compare the prices there. This would allow you to have a look at the original selling price of the model in the market and would guide you. Faded paint, seat stains, rust, bad tires, torn ceiling and missing mats would all reduce the price of the car and depreciate its value.

Negotiating with a dealer

Some dealers try to fool you by using the word ‘certified’, before selling it. Some even try to paint the engine box black, to make it look new. So, don’t be fooled into buying a used car only if the dealer tells you that it is ‘certified’. There are also many secret discounts available on many cars. You need to look out for them.

Negotiate with a private seller

These are some questions that you must ask your private seller:

  • Why is he selling the car?
  • How many miles has the car already run on the road?
  • If the dealer has proofs and details of all the maintenance records?
  • Ask them about the condition of the interior facilities and all other components of the car.


A fake dealer might fool you and get much more money from you than what the car demanded. Therefore, it is necessary that you ask the above mentioned questions and have a detailed conversation with the dealer about all the options and then make your choice wisely.