The Many Pros of Vape and E-Cigs

One of the great truisms of society is that we’re always on the lookout for new experiences, substances, and ways in which to push the envelope and be part of the avant garde. This is especially true for artists, authors, and more bohemian and hipster types, and it has been true throughout time. Think of the Jazz Age, for example. You can’t imagine the period without thinking of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his flappers, philosophers and, yes, bootleg liquor runners. Think of the Swinging Sixties, and it’s much the same story. Whether you’re a fan of Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, or any number of the era’s music titans, chances are that they made some of their best music while under the influence of some “mind-expanding” or otherwise “relaxing” substances.

The same holds true today. Vape has established itself as the new hip substance on the block for those looking to enjoy a more personal, artistic experience with their substances. Companies like Vapeking go a long way towards making sure that their customers know that they are valued not as mere cogs in an impersonal machine a la Big Tobacco, but rather as the individualists that they undoubtedly are.

Here’s a quick overview of the world of vape, and how it’s quickly come to take the world by storm.

Getting Started

To begin with, it’s vital to know how and why vape differentiates itself from traditional cigarettes. First and foremost, it does so by making the experience more customisable for customers, as we’ll see later. What’s more, it makes acquiring starter kits extremely easy. A basic kit will include a reusable e-cigarette, charger, and case.

Custom Vape Kits

From there, it’s straight on to the customisation process itself. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of different types of vape kit customisation, from altering the structure of the e-cig itself to changing the colour. The best providers of quality vape kits in Australia can supply you with e-cigs that are customised to reflect your personality, as opposed to the more monolithic, manufactured style of traditional cigarettes.

Custom Vape Fluids

Likewise, you can enjoy a greater degree of customisation when it comes to vape fluid as well. Let’s be honest – most cigarettes taste the same. By contrast, vape takes pride in providing their clients with fluids that have been handmade and individually crafted by countless different craftsmen and vape connoisseurs across the world. This helps ensure a greater deal of variety in flavours offered, while keeping that crafty, entrepreneurial, free-spirited nature of vape alive.

Affordable Rates

One of the most frustrating things about cigarettes is the way in which they can quickly become surprisingly unaffordable. That simply is not the case with the best vape distributors in Australia. They are proud to offer their vape fluids, e-cigs, starter kits, and other items at better rates than you’ll find from other outlets.

Tap into your avant garde side and your vape game today with the help of the best distributor of the hottest substance in Australia.