What Are Right Hand Rings?

Wedding and engagement rings are worn on the left hand for several reasons. Many theorise that the rings were traditionally associated with that hand because most people are right-handed and that wearing rings on your off-hand helps to keep them out of the way while you are working. Furthermore, that makes it easier to fit a ring, as your off-hand is slightly smaller.

There are other reasons that your wedding and engagement rings might be associated with the left hand; for one, the ancient Romans are said to believe that the vein from the ring finger on the left hand went straight to the heart. Whatever the case may be, the left hand, and especially the left ring finger, has become associated with marriage. Therefore, many people avoid wearing a ring on that finger at all until they are married, which is why right hand rings have become popular.

Right Hand Rings

Wearing a ring on your right hand can be subtle or overt; the idea behind right hand rings is to wear nice jewelry but also to declare forcefully that they are not associated with marriage. At least, that’s how some people interpret it. Others wear right hand rings because they just like the way they look. In fact, many married women wear right hand rings specifically because they match their engagement or wedding rings, thus Houston jewelers have seen an uptick in married women wearing right hand rings as well.

Married women who choose rings that match their wedding rings have a lot of options now.

Options for Matching

If you have a diamond engagement ring on your left hand, you can buy an understated right hand ring to match. Right hand rings tend not to have large diamonds that stand out from the band the way an engagement ring might. Instead, they usually opt for smaller diamonds that encircle the band and lie low to the finger. They’re not as noticeable, which is good.

Since right hand rings are less noticeable, they are still drawing most of the attention to the engagement ring. Furthermore, they allow you to still move around and easily work with your hands. There is nothing getting in your way as you go about your day to day business.

There are many different kinds of rings that you can choose for your left or right hand. Obviously, you do not have to wear a right hand ring on your right hand, you can choose to wear it anywhere you want. Single women who want to state their independence find the idea of wearing diamonds in a deliberate mirroring of an engagement ring to be empowering. Married women often like them to match their wedding rings so that they can draw attention back to the wedding ring and to their hands.

There are many ways and many reasons to wear a right hand ring. The most important thing is to buy a quality one from a reputable jeweler who specialises in selling great rings at a great price.