Wednesday, June 3

What Are The Fun Things To Do With Telescopes?

It is not always that only the nerdy geeks spend hours with the telescopes seeing the sky full of stars or the moon or even their favorite planet in the night sky. There are a lot of fun things to do with a telescope such as with any common refractor device or even a Celestron Nexstar 4se. You can be a smart kid of your class and not a geek by having a telescope. In fact, if you start growing a passion for seeing the sky, when you’ll grow up you can turn your hobby into your profession as well and do something absolutely different from what your friends do.

Here a list of fun things that you can do with the telescope—

 Enhance your interest on space

If you have an interest in knowing more about the space, you can improve your knowledge of the stars, constellations, planets and the galaxy by having a telescope. Usually, parents of interested children get them a refractor telescope that they can use in various ways. If you are one of those lucky kids and have a telescope of your own, you can utilize it for improving your passion for knowing the stars and the galaxy. See the night sky and spend a few hours with the telescope and see deep into the night sky.

You can target the stars, constellations like the Orion Nebula, Andromeda etc and study the stars. You can know more about the moon if your target the night queen and see it for hours. You will get to know more about the black pores on the moon and about its qualities of being a satellite roaming the earth’s orbit.

Daytime viewing

Though most users use the telescope at night but you have the flexibility of using the telescope in the daytime as well. You can use it as a binocular if the telescope is portable. You can take it to outdoors and place it on top of a table or apex where you can sit and enjoy any scenic beauty of the outdoors or can any target any particular area and zoom in too to have a clearer vision of a baseball match or soccer game etc.

You can become famous

You can be the next Halley and name any star after you. But for that, you need to have that potential and patience to sit and find the new star that is still not found or named by anyone before you. You can target and study on that star and prepare a new paper on that and submit it to the nearby astronomical center. You can also take the help of a known astronomy expert that can help you in the process. Write an article and submit it to your school or as a paper for the new science project and surprise the teacher with your new invention. Along with the paper you have the freedom of submitting a new astrophotography. You can point a DSLR camera with the telescope and get some pictures of the constellations or the star and score bigger in your projects.

These are a couple of fun things you can do with your telescope.