What are the Most Common Repairs Every Fridge Needs?

If your ice maker is broken, there is no water, or the cooling in your fridge has degraded, your fridge needs a repairing touch. We have listed some of the most common issues in fridges, the root cause of the issues and how to fix them. Also, you don’t need to call the repair guys every time for a quick fix, some troubleshooting issues you can handle them yourself. Read on to know some of the most common ones and how to fix them. Thank us later.

  1. The fridge isn’t cold enough

The defrost thermostat calls for a replacement if its parts have frozen over. First things first, unplug your Frigidaire and clean the condenser coils with the help of brush or vacuum. If that fails, call up a professional.

  1. The ice maker doesn’t work

The ice maker motor is stuck and needs a replacement. Another reason could be the clogged inlet water valve. Inspect for any kinds of kinks or tears, but ensure to shut off the valve from the household water connections or you will end up with a flood. Inspect to check out if the screen or filter is clogged with debris. There could also be an issue with ice making mechanism. Many modern fridges use heat to release the batch of ice cubes. If you don’t know the water valve from the filter, call up a pro.

  1. The fridge is not working

The electronic control board could have been damaged because of a power surge, open circuits or worn out relays. And it also might need a replacement.

  1. The fridge is making strange noises

If the electric control board is deteriorated, it calls for a replacement.

  1. The fridge is dispensing neither water nor the ice

If this happens, this is a sure shot sign that you haven’t been changing the filters on a regular basis. As the time goes by, the water filter installed in your fridge will accumulate and preserve the debris and the contaminants as it is designed to filter everything out. So, first things first, change the filter on a regular basis. In most of the modern fridges, there is a sensor installed inside the door that will let you know when it needs a change. The water valve which is installed in the back of the freezer will also need a replacement if it is clogged with minerals and fails to close or open.