Friday, July 10

What Types of Hand Dryers are there?

Economical hand dryers have now come to be used nowadays in the UK, just about everywhere, due to their cost efficiency, energy saving and simple operation. After the installation, a hand dryer works out as more inexpensive to use than paper towels, with savings of up to around 80 to 90 percent on supply costs. Currently there are a range of models of hand dryers available, which includes the push button and automatic type and more recently the quick-drying version.

The cheapest is the push button version, and while still being efficient, push button hand dryers will take up to 45 seconds to completely dry your hands. Models of this type of hand dryer usually turn off automatically after around 80 seconds, although there are some versions that will do so sooner. There are other options available that include a rotating nozzle which can dry the hair and face, plus recessed models, for saving space.

Popularity of Automatic is still on the Rise

These machines are still growing more favourable because they only remain turned on when in use. This kind of hand dryer utilises an infrared sensor to tell when someone’s hands are beneath the dryer. And when it knows that the hands have been removed, it simply turns off. Similar to the type above, this kind of dryer uses the same amount of electricity, but, when combined with the automatic feature, it reduces costs by up to around an amazing 90 percent. Do the research to find the best hand dryer to buy online and you will have no regrets. There is a selection of modern hand dryers to choose from, simply make sure to choose a reliable brand from a trustworthy company.

One thing which people are usually concerned about when using hand dryers is that they take so long to dry their hands! This complaint was finally recognised and brought about the invention of the quick dry version. This hand dryer uses 80 percent less energy than the push-button and automatic hand dryers because it can completely dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds. So, that works out at an amazing saving in costs, if compared to using old fashioned, humble paper towels. These fast hand dryers use very little power, but manage to dry your hands in a third of the time. How’s that for modern state of the art?


All models of hand dryers are in either a chrome, stainless steel or a white epoxy finish, which helps them to compliment most bathrooms. There are also quiet hand dryers available, for people who might be sensitive to the powerful blast of the original classic model.

Making sure that your hands are nice and clean is very important for your health and for others too. This is something we should all think about with regards to sanitation and cleanliness. With modern day hand dryers, this is an easy solution.